Save Money Today By Improving Kitchen Efficiency

When you’re trying to save money, being energy efficient is one of the most important things. It’s good for the planet if you can cut your energy bills and it’ll save you a huge amount of money every year. The kitchen is one of the biggest areas of energy waste for most families so if you can start being more conscious of your energy usage, you’ll bring down the running costs of your home by quite a long way. People often think that they won’t be able to save that much energy in the kitchen because everybody needs to cook and store their food. But in reality, there are actually loads of easy ways to cut your energy usage in the kitchen and save money.

Fill The Sink Once

We’ve all been guilty of running the tap to clean one or two things but that’s wasting so much energy. You’re wasting the water as well as the electricity or gas that the boiler needs to heat it up.

If you get yourself a big sink like these ones and only fill it when you need to. Save up the washing up until you’ve got enough to fill the sink and then do it all in one go, you’ll end up saving a lot of money.

Use A Dishwasher

Making sure that you only fill the sink when you need to is an easy way to save money, but you’ll save even more if you use a dishwasher. People often think that running a dishwasher uses more energy but that isn’t true if you get the right one. It’s important that you get one with a good energy efficiency rating and you know how to use it right. Running it with a couple of things in is going to be a waste but if you make sure that you fill it up before you put it on, you’ll spend a lot less money on energy.

Use A Lid

Putting a lid on your pots when you’re trying to boil things is a tiny change that makes so much difference. Instead of letting all of that heat out and only using a tiny fraction of it, you’ll keep everything in and things will heat up way quicker. In fact, it’s estimated that putting a lid on your pot is 60 percent more efficient than cooking things without it.

Microwave More

The microwave gets a bit of a bad rep as a cooking tool. People think that it doesn’t cook as well and it’s not as healthy for you, but a lot of that stuff isn’t true. It’s a myth that you lose nutritional value when you’re microwaving things and even though you won’t get quite the same results as putting things in the oven, the microwave is fine for heating things up. The other major benefit of using the microwave is that it doesn’t use anywhere near as much energy as cooking with the oven.

Buy The Right Appliances

The appliances that you have in the kitchen use the most energy so picking the right ones is key. Looking at the energy efficiency is the first thing to do, anything that doesn’t have an A rating is going to cost you a lot to run. Beyond that, you need to think about what you actually need in an appliance. People often make mistakes with their fridges and freezers that end up costing them a lot of money. If you’re living in a one bedroom flat, you don’t need a giant fridge/freezer. It’s also cheaper to get a 2 in 1, rather than separate ones because they usually use less energy. Freezers are also a lot more efficient when they’re full up, so getting one that’s too big for your needs is a waste of money. If you’re just using it for ice, consider getting a fridge with a small freezer compartment in the top, rather than a full freezer.

The type of oven that you choose has a big impact as well; gas is a lot cheaper than electricity and an electric oven uses a lot of power. Your energy bills will be a lot smaller if you cook with gas instead. Changing the oven is going to be expensive and if you can’t afford it, you’ll have to make do with your electric one for now but you can take steps to reduce your bill. Electric hobs retain their heat for a long while so turn them off before you finish cooking and use the residual heat to finish it off.

Make these simple changes when you’re using the kitchen and you’ll see some big savings in no time.