Self-Care Tips For A Better Wonderful You

Self-care comes with a lot of benefits. It means you are tuning in to your mind and body. Giving them what they are asking for, nourishing them with goodness, and the things that you love to do. It has been suggested that the more we understand our needs on an emotional, mental, and physical level, the more creative, confident, and productive we are.

We are rested, and so we can make clearer decisions, build stronger, more loving relationships, and communicate better. The mental clarity that comes with being adequately rested is a wonderful thing. But how do you make yourself a priority?

Say No

Let’s start with the big one. The one that can get us the most strung out. The one that really can give you too many things to do. Many people say that they have too little time, but the fact is that actually, you have too much to do in the time that you do have. Workloads can often not be juggled or moved around, even when you are a freelancer - bills need to be paid. But the to-do list outside of the ‘have-tos’ can get long. And, we often say yes to people asking us to do more, because we are already busy - so why not? Sometimes you need to say no, to get your time freed-up - for yourself.

Wind Down

Your free time is important. What you do with it matters. Some people like to unwind with a good book, others like to browse for clothing online, and some like to play bingo or games, others like to use paddy power with freebets. There is no one who can tell you how to spend your time, so choose whatever makes you happy. Colouring is often one of the top choices for people who want to do something guided and creative - plus you have something beautiful to look at in the end.


There is no denying just how much you can benefit from getting outside. Sometimes you can get in a slump, where what you want to do with your spare time is lay on the couch watching TV. Or once you get home, you aren’t going out again… but that mindset can hold you back. If you can’t fit in a walk every day, then try and have a walk in the woods every weekend for around an hour. The physical benefits are obvious, but mentally, there are benefits too. Your stress levels will come down over time, you will sleep better with a big dose of fresh air, and all of that greenery has a positive impact on your productivity too.


Separate from hobbies or wind downtime, start writing a journal every day. It might seem like something that is a bit of a waste of time, but actually, you can use the time to write down worries and things we are thankful for. It is very beneficial for your mindset to note what you are grateful for - it stops us focusing on the bad and looks for the silver lining in everything.