Self-Sufficient Living: Tips on How to Achieve It

We can all hear the term self-sufficient being thrown around, but in order to really understand what it is, then you need to know what it really means. Is there one definition of the phrase that will fit all people? The opinion of various people may differ, but really, there is not just one definition of being self-sufficient, so you need to learn about what the word means for you.

So what could self-sufficiency mean for you? It can all be about your circumstances and what works for you at this moment in your life; it could mean a whole host of different things. So you need to think about, and explore different ways that you could be self-sufficient, and then you can think about what aspects will relate more to your life.

Embrace Frugality

If you want to be self-sufficient, then it does go hand in hand with being frugal. It is unlikely that you will be able to be self-sufficient if you are in debt or owe people money, for example. So to be more self-sufficient, you need to be able to live within your means, which can be living in quite a frugal way, especially if you have debts to clear.

Make Your House Work for You

When you start on the journey to a more self-sufficient lifestyle, then you need to forget about a lot of modern thinking, one of which will be thinking about modern housing. For many people, you live in a house for a certain amount of time, and then choose to sell it for a house that is bigger; this cycle can continue. But to be more self-sufficient, then you need to get out of this kind of cycle or this kind of thinking. Think about where you are at and then you need to decide if this is something that is going to work long-term for you or not.

If you have the goal to be more self-sufficient through growing your own food, for instance, then have you got the space to do so. You could also think about making room for a rainwater tank from somewhere like Team Poly, so that you are able to store water, which can be a great way to be more self-sufficient.

Eat According to the Season

Self-sufficiency means a lot of things, but when you’re not reliant on something, then being able to get away from the grocery store is a must. This can mean growing your own food which can mean eating in season. Likewise, being able to buy food locally from farms and so on, rather than a supermarket is a good step to take. Look for seasonal produce, as it will have better taste, as well as nutritional value. Also, if you are looking for ways to avoid the grocery store, then you need to learn to cook. When you have the basic skills, and some recipes in your arsenal, then you can be good to go and be more reliant on just yourself.