Simple Healthy Lifestyle Changes

#Health #Wellbeing

Looking after your health can be a difficult task, and you can wonder how to do it whilst balancing all of the things in your life. Working, social life, studying… the list goes on, but how are we supposed to do all of this and stay healthy? After a long and stressful day, all that most of us want to do is sit on the sofa and order a takeaway to take the weekday blues away. But looking after your health doesn’t always mean going to the gym and eating raw vegetables, and we’ve made a list of some easy things that you can do instead.

Cut down on (or quit) drinking and smoking

Aah, most have us have been there at one point or another, and there’s nothing worse than waking up with a terrible hangover. Yet drinking related problems go far past the hangover, and it can have a negative affect on your body (such as your liver) and your mental health, too. Using alcohol to self-medicate is never a good idea, so see somebody about this if you’re struggling. Smoking is another big one, and if you’re a fan of cigarettes it could be damaging your lungs, gums, and other parts of your body (it speeds up the aging process, for example). Pack in the cigs and give a vape a try if you can; starting out with Fantasia e liquid and eventually moving onto a smoke-free lifestyle could be a goal for 2019!

Drink water

How many times have you been told over the years that you should be drinking more water? Whilst it sounds like an old wives tale - like eating your crusts - there’s more to it than that, as this one is backed up with a whole lot of science. Drinking water can help you stay awake and concentrate, it can (obviously) keep you hydrated, and it clears up your skin and your body in general. If you can add drinking a lot of water to your routine, then it’s definitely worth giving this a go as you’ll soon notice the difference. Water isn’t only for hangovers, you know…

Spend time on yourself

When it comes to mental health, the best way to make a difference is to spend time on yourself, and we’re not just talking generic self-care. Self-care can be difficult, but even washing your hair or changing your bedsheets is a big step towards looking after your mind and making sure that you feel good in your own skin! Think about something that you actually want to do, and treat yourself. There’s nothing more important than your mental health, and spending time doing what you want to is key. It’s in the name of health, so it’s ok, right? Whatever you want, you deserve it, girl. We said so.

So, there are many easy ways to make a big difference to your health, and one of them is cutting down on drinking and smoking, and switching to a vape instead. Not only this, but you can try to drink more water, which will help in more ways than you even thought were possible. When it comes to mental health, spend time on your needs, and you’ll reap the benefits. You deserve it!