Skincare 101: Where to get the best facial in Liverpool?

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Skincare is something I take very seriously as part of my care for my well-being. Good skin reflects that your internal health is well maintained. With eczema, it means your skin barrier is damaged. One of the things to help it is facials. However, there are so many ways you can be doing it wrong and worsen your skin.

As I have mentioned previously, I suffer from facial eczema. I didn't always have clear skin, in fact it was only recently that I was able to wear makeup without it stinging so much my eyes start welling up. One of the things I touched on previously was my treatments.

Ever since my skin has become clearer, and that I became a more active advocate for facial treatments, I have received a few queries on what treatments I do and where I do them. Most people find facials a waste of money, but this is only the case if you don't attend treatments habitually.

Think of it like you are feeding your face, every treatment you do is essentially a nutritious, benefit filled meal for your skin. After one treatment, your will have quenched your skin's thirst, however over time your skin will have returned to its original state and look dull, dry and lifeless.

Finding the perfect Skincare and Beauty centre

Choosing the right skincare and beauty centre is just as difficult as choosing the right gym, the right job or even the right partner (maybe I'm exaggerating but you get the gist, it's important). You may not be subscribing to a contract/ service, but there are many factors to finding the perfect place to provide you with the facial treatment you deserve (and rightfully so!... since you are paying).

It has taken me a while to find mine, but I was extremely glad to have been introduced to Renaissance Skincare and Beauty. 

Clean environment

The cleanliness of a location is highly important for myself because it is a reflection on how well the Skincare and Beauty centre take care of their own place. The cleaner it is the more confident you will feel in trusting them to take care of your skin. While I am not asking you to check the towels with UV beams and collect dust samples for testing, if it looks nice and decent simply be respectful. It is appreciated when other people put in the extra effort into cleaning and creating the relaxing space for you to enjoy.

The room below is one of the rooms that Renaissance Skincare and Beauty offer, it is a a couples treatment room. I have brightened the image up just to show you all how perfect the place looks! The towels and floors were squeaky clean - my full confidence here! And they even have a teddy bear in the basket waiting for your arrival too ;) #details

Relaxing Setting

I have never had a skincare and treatment centre where I wouldn't be able to fall asleep after a short while of being treated. However, this would be an element I would suggest you look out for when choosing your perfect place. Listen to the kind of music they play, is it soothing? Is it at a suitable volume? How loud do the people talk? You might also want to have a look around their setting, preferably, you would want a skincare centre that is lightly dimmer, perfect for a snooze but not enough to go into deep sleep.

These images are brightened by like a million times just to show you the details, but Renaissance Skincare and Beauty does an amazing job in creating a homely environment using the upper floor of the building. Soothing spa instrumental music as you arrive onto the top floor, and there are up to six rooms for you to go into.

Lovely, polite, experienced beauticians

The beauticians are one of the most important factors to your time at the skincare and beauty treatment. Find out your personal preference and get a feel if the skincare and beauty treatment centre can offer you what you want. Do you like learning more about your skin? Or would you prefer the quietness? Do they seem like nice people who will be attentive to your needs?

At Renaissance Skincare and Beauty, I spoke to lovely girls, Nikki and Catherine, they made sure I knew the options I had and educating me on the Elemis facial treatments and why it is good for my skin. A good beautician will no doubt introduce you the different services, but rather than being hard sell, I really thought I benefited from the brief conversation regarding the quality of my skin and how the treatment would help me. Elle was my beautician on the day, she did a lovely job making me feel extra relaxed. On a completely irrelevant note, I prefer having cold hands massage my face...

Wide range of products and treatments available

If you love the setting and the people, you are not far from choosing your perfect facial treatment. If you're a newbie at skincare treatments, you are, most likely, not going to be an expert on skincare products. You can do your own research, but it would be more helpful to ask to be introduced to the brands that they have to offer for your skin type and go from there. Some times it takes you giving the product a go in order to know if you like it or not.  

Having been in Hong Kong for most of my skincare treatments before coming to the UK, I have only really ever used the more popular international brands and but not the brands that are more specific in its dermatological benefits. Renaissance skincare and beauty did a really good job introducing Elemis to me, I thought it was for people who wanted a bit more elasticity in their wrinkling skin, but between its completely organic composition and high moisturising value I gave it a go and absolutely loved how it made my skin feel instantly replenished.  

Finding your perfect facial treatment

Once you have found your skincare and beauty centre, the next step is to find the best suited treatment for yourself, especially if you are a newbie. Choosing the wrong treatment for your skin (especially your face) might result in it being ineffective or in some cases even trigger bad skin reactions, like breakouts or allergies - all of which is a waste of money. So if you are a newbie and want to start off with the right treatment, keep reading for some pointers on what to tell your beautician in order for you to be given the best suited treatment. 

First, you need to know the basics (to your own skin).

Ask yourself these questions regarding your face:

- Have you ever tried treating your skin, whether it is by yourself or by other facial treatments?

- Do you have dry or oily skin?

- How does your skin colour look? Is it dull? Uneven? 

- Do you have any skin problems? (acne, eczema, pigmentation)

Once you know what your skin type is, it is much easier to eliminate the facial treatments that won't be suitable for you. Facials can come in various forms, but in general, you can cleanse, exfoliate, extract, do masks, and moisturise. For people with normal skin, you can pretty much do anything and it will be fine. Anyone with dry skin might want to lean towards gentle cleanses, masks and moisturisers and avoid any exfoliation and extraction as they can easily irritate your delicate skin. On the other hand, people with oily skin, try and do deep cleanse, exfoliation and extraction, topping up with gentle, non-pore clogging moisturisers.

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