Stay Or Go: The Debate When It Comes To Your Home

Many homeowners will face a decision at some point as to whether they should stay in their current residence or decide to move on. Many factors can bring this decision to the surface including needing more space, a change in job or just wanting the chance to move upon the property ladder. Making the decision can be quite difficult as there are benefits and negatives to both. Here is a breakdown of the debate that will hopefully help you make a better decision.


There could be various reasons why you would like to stay in your home. One of the main reasons being that you like the area in which you live. Maybe you get on with your neighbours or perhaps you like your street. It could be close to schools or just be a lovely area to live. Staying means that you get to save on the moving costs as well, as this can be quite pricey to move house. Not just with the moving costs but it can also be pricey in terms of an increased mortgage payment and monthly bills.

Of course, there may be temptations to move house, such as needing more space, or maybe wanting a large living are or garden perhaps. These tend to be the reasons to move house but if you would really like to stay then there are other things you could do. Extending your home, if it's possible, is a great way to get the living space you crave without needing to buy a new place. It can be an upheaval when it comes to the builders, but it could also add a lot of value on to your home so in the long run it could be worth the investment. It could help you to stay where you love.


There may be a lot of reasons why you might want to move house. One being that you need to for job purposes or to get closer to desirable schools for your children. It could be that you simply want a bigger house, or the chance to put your own stamp on the place by renovating the kitchen or the bathroom. A new house can be a challenge, and moving is always going to be a stressful thing to go through, but the costs, including moving, solicitors and increase in mortgage may be cheaper initially in the short term than paying out to extend your home.

There are some advantages to move house, and it could be seen as a new chapter in your life. Sometimes properties can hold bad memories if things have happened to you in the past while you were living there. Things such as burglaries, or loss, as an example. So moving could give you that chance to wipe the slate clean. Moving might also present a new lifestyle, reducing your commute to work, or being closer to a village or town perhaps.

Let’s hope these tips and suggestions help you with the debate of whether you should love house or stay.