Super Chic Home Heating Options Your Guests Will Love

Heating your home has evolved way beyond the merely functional. Today’s property owners want their appliances to complement their decor - not stick out like a sore thumb. Until recently, though, getting super chic heating systems just wasn’t an option. You either had to put up with the ugliness or hide them away somewhere, like a boiler cupboard.

Things, however, are changing. Smart manufacturers have noticed that the more stylish they make their fires, burners and stoves, the more likely people are to buy them. We’re now at the point where heating options actually add sophistication to a room - not take away from it.

Wood Burners With Flue

Wood burners might not be the most practical heating solution for your living room, but they’re by far the most stylish. Typically, they’re small black boxes with a windowed door that lets you see when you need to top up the wood. While they require substantial maintenance, they pay you back in spades by making your living room feel super cosy and matching the decor. Just remember to use pre-dried wood. Don’t fuel them using fresh cuttings from your garden. You’ll turn your home into a smoke pit.

Infrared Heaters

If you’ve ever stood next to the embers of a fire or even stood out in the sunshine, you’ll have experienced infrared heat.

Infrared is different from ultraviolet. While they’re both forms of invisible light, infrared is much lower energy, meaning it won’t damage your skin if you expose yourself to it.

Homeowners love this technology because it is so versatile. Yes, you can use it for underfloor heating. But you can also use it in other applications, such as outdoor heaters or in your bathroom to warm you when you get out of the shower.

These systems usually rely on metal heating elements that achieve high temperatures. When they get hot, they start giving off infrared radiation, instantly warming you whenever you expose yourself to them.

Hydronic Systems

Hydronic systems usually rely on domestic heating oil, providing heat to your home, but without any of the ugliness of regular radiators.

The way they work is incredibly simple. Engineers place a lattice of pipes under your flooring and then connect it to your hot water system. They then calibrate it to pump warm water under the floors of your property, creating a kind of giant, invisible radiator.

You can place these systems in any room you like in your home. A lot of homeowners want to set them up in guest bedrooms so that people who come to stay can feel pleasant warmth when they get out of bed in the morning.

Vintage Fireplaces

Vintage fireplaces aren’t, strictly speaking, a heating solution in their own right. But they can transform any room, making it look super chic in an instant. Top of the range models are made of marble and completely encircle your natural, gas or electric heater. But there are all sorts of other options too, including fireplaces made of metal, stone or brick. The more you pay, the more intricate the patterns.