The Coolest and Easiest DIY Decor: Upcycle Old Magazines to Create Wall Prisms

For an extroverted person, I spend huge amounts of time in my room. While I'd like to shock you and tell you I am some kind of a professional gamer or something just to see if you'd believe me, I actually just spend my time doing a lot of craft projects.

For me, this is my form of meditating. As some of you will have read that I am trying to live consciously, and doing crafts is one of the main ways for me to achieve that (explanation to follow).

It is not only a way for me to spend time with myself, consciously giving myself the ability to feel and express through creation, it is also deliberately setting time aside something that makes me happy. Nonetheless, DIY crafts, or the ones I have done anyway, are up-cycling any items that are otherwise considered as rubbish. Which is what I've done this week too...

This week, I've found some of my other rubbish and created new purpose for it too. Of course, it has to be another DIY craft. 

I'm sure a lot of us will have thought that it's a waste to throw away a freshly read magazine. After a few flips, that's it. You leave them in the corner and do nothing about it. They collect dust and are a waste of space.

Well, not anymore. *Cue dramatic backdrop, and a cape for me*

What if I told you there is a way to not only prolong the usability of your leftover magazine, but also make it a nice decoration for your room?

Whether it is your work space or your bedroom, you might have a plain wall that you want to dress up - and sometimes a poster or a photograph isn't quite enough. Why not try this DIY craft, creating your own wall prisms, they are made only out of magazines is a nice simple addition to your walls, giving those flat, flat plains a bit of a three-dimensional vibe. 

So here's what you need:

1 x Magazine 

1 x Pair of Hands

1 x Double sided tape or Command picture hanging strips


I find the thicker a magazine is, the fuller the prism looks. It doesn't really matter what size the magazine is, so a regular A4 sized magazine will work just fine!

Step 1: Find your old, dusty magazines (or new ones, up to you)

To get ready for the arts and crafts session, you need to find a few magazines, it is better to choose ones with a thick cover, thick binding and has many pages in. The DIY project is a lot easier and looks a lot nicer if you have one that fits the description, but a regular magazine will work just fine!

Step 2: Open up your magazine, ideally bang on the middle

There is no magic to this part, just open it up bang on it the middle.

Step 3: Folding the corners down

The image below shows how the corners that need to be folded down, it is basically the top and bottom of both pages. My tip is to always fold towards the middle (inwards rather than outwards). Start folding top left corner, top bottom corner - next page - repeat. I usually do all of the pages on the left first, and then do the right. 

Step 4: Fold and compact

Once you've finished folding it should look like the image below, rather than rectangles you will end up with a diamond shape. Fold it back together and give it a good compression around the edges, this keeps the folds in place. Your DIY craft is almost ready ;)

Step 5: Tape and Hang

This is the final step before hanging your DIY craft on the wall, if your magazine cover is the thicker card liked material (not the flimsy kind) then double sided tape will work just fine, tape it down in the shape of a cross, peel and stick it to your wall. (Note: this does cause paint to peel, so if you prefer to use Command picture hanging strips, do that instead!)

If it is the flimsier kind, find two cardboard pieces (toothpaste box maybe?) and stick them down with CLEAR TAPE, I plaster the edges down. I then apply double sided tape to the cardboard strips, peel and stick onto the wall!

Now you're done, just appreciate your DIY craft and how it adds just that extra bit of personality to your otherwise rather bland wall!

If you'd like to jazz it up, you can always spray paint it in the colour of your room's theme colours. I would have done so but I didn't have any spray paint.

Let me know how you did and where you put your magazine prism!