The Effects Of Anxiety On Your Daily Life

Many people see anxiety as this made up thing that other people use as an excuse for not doing things. They claim that everyone gets anxious from time to time, so what’s the big deal? Well, anxiety is a mental illness that’s so much more than just being worried about little things. Think of it this way; it’s like living your life with a constant weight on your shoulders and a continuous feeling of panic in your head. You regularly have mini panic attacks, and your heart rate is always beating abnormally fast. Normal situations, like making a phone call to book your hair appointment, suddenly become massive tasks that take ages for you to pluck up the courage for. 

Needless to say, anxiety is a problem that can take over your daily life. To prove this, here are some of the common things that will be affected by it:

Anxiety And Driving

If you drive and have anxiety, then it’s never going to be a good combination. As it mentions here, many drivers are always rushing to get to their next destination. Immediately, this puts you in a situation where you’re nervous and panicked. Other cars are moving fast, you’re worried about them pulling out in front of you or causing an accident; it can all get too much. In fact, a lot of people with anxiety end up driving really slow and cautiously. So much so that they end up creating a risk for other drivers by moving too slow! It’s easy to cause accidents when you have anxiety as you’re always worried about something going wrong, so you don’t focus on the road as much as you should. 

Anxiety And Social Interactions

One of the biggest worries for someone with anxiety is social interactions. Now, I’ve already written a post, that speaks about my own experience with social anxiety. But, different people react differently in social situations depending on their anxiety. Some people get so anxious at the thought of talking to other people that they choose to cancel plans and stay inside. This is common when you’ve maybe not seen someone for a while and think it’ll be too awkward. There’s a keyword; awkward. I find a lot of social anxiety comes from the fear of awkwardness. It can be so bad for some people that just paying for things in a shop is tough for them. 

Anxiety And Work

Last but not least, we have anxiety and your job. There are loads of things that can make you anxious at work, and the biggest one is the fear of failure. You worry about doing something wrong and getting fired, and it plays on your mind a lot. So much so that it can impact your performance as you lose focus - a bit like when you’re driving a car while anxious! What’s more, attending job interviews in the first place are hugely troublesome for people with anxiety because of the social interaction aspect. 

As you can see, anxiety is absolutely no joke at all. Hopefully, this has given you a little insight into how much your daily life can be impacted by this mental health issue.