The Secret To Work Smart, Play Hard

Have you been struggling to sleep due to an upcoming essay deadline? The moment you close your eyes, your brain goes into overdrive about how much you still have to do. Even if you manage to drift off, you wake yourself with nightmares of missed deadlines and crashed computers. That is why you need to know the secret to work smart, play hard. This way not only are you using your energy effectively, but you are most productive. You aren’t alone. The majority of students report feeling the same in the lead up to big deadlines. Still, that doesn’t make it okay to lose sleep. Far from preparing you for every eventuality, this increases the chances of things going wrong. If you’re tired, you won’t work to the best of your abilities. That makes silly mistakes like missed deadlines more likely. Not to mention the strain you’ll put on your body. Not getting enough sleep leaves you more susceptible to everything from anxiety to physical illness.

With that in mind, it’s past time you put those sleepless nights to bed. Excuse the pun. Seriously, though. Your health and your essay deserve better. What’s more, ensuring you can sleep soundly at this time often comes down to nothing more than the following.

A decent plan

You should plan your essay with tips like those found on If you know what you need to include, there’s less chance you’ll struggle to meet your deadline. After planning well, all you would need to do is schedule at what time you need to finish each section. By referring back to this plan/schedule, you can ensure you’re on track every step of the way. That will leave you with no reason to stay up fretting at night. If your schedule says everything’s okay, the chances are that your sleep pattern will benefit from it. A second set of eyesEven after you’ve finished your essay, you may sit up worrying about whether that comma in the second paragraph of page three was in the right place. Ahh, the wonderful world of essay writing. In reality, an essay like this is a massive undertaking. Getting your thoughts in order is hard enough, without having to worry about punctuation and grammar. Yet, you can bet your grade would take a hit if you didn’t get these under control. Hence why it’s worth seeking the help of proofreading services like those found at This way, you won’t need to stay awake fretting. This is a practical approach to help you fix mistakes before submission. Working in advance Speaking of making corrections before submission, work in advance of your deadline. In an ideal world, you should aim to finish your essay at least two weeks before you need it. If you leave this to the night before, is it any wonder you’ve been struggling to sleep? By giving yourself a broader window, you ensure you have plenty of time to tweak and improve. Even during the writing process, that’ll help you sleep as there won’t be any real sense of urgency. This will also reduce your stress during editing, thus ensuring your sleep soundly even then.