The Smarter Way To Make Major Lifestyle Changes

There are many reasons that people decide to make lifestyle changes. You may need to alter your diet and activity levels under a recommendation from the doctor or to lose a bit of post-partum weight, to build your own self-confidence, or to make your feel physically healthier. Whatever the reason, making the changes can be tough.

Small Gains Are Better Than Major Changes

There is a really good reason that many people fail when they decide to make big changes in their life such as a completely different diet or implementing an exercise routine. It is because it is too much all at once. If you fling yourself straight into a big lifestyle change, sure you may see results quicker if you stick to them, but your body and mind are not likely to be able to keep up with the changes.

Instead, if you use the psychology of small gains, looking to make 1% improvements at each step, rather than just focusing on the 100% improvement, you will be surprised at how effective this will be in the long-term.

So, how does that translate into diet and fitness? Instead of changing your whole diet or going straight from eating whatever you want to using shakes, gradually make changes. Slowly introduce fresh fruit and veg, and gradually cut back on the fatty or sugary items. Start walking more each day, and eventually start going for five minute runs every other day. Within a month or so, you will be able to run for twenty minutes without stopping. But if you try to do that on day one, you will fail and you will be less motivated to continue.

Work On Your External Confidence First

Have you ever heard the expression ‘fake it until you make it’? Well, it is a great way of building confidence. And, if you are making lifestyle changes, deal with superficial confidence changes before you deal with the internal ones. This means that you should go out and get yourself some nice new clothes to work out in, maybe those nice training shoes, or the Fujin Skinny Tracksuit Bottoms. If you feel confident about the clothes that you are wearing, eventually this positivity will work its way inside more and you will feel better from the inside.

Be Realistic With The Goals You Set Yourself

It is important to have something to work towards. Whether you want to be able to run a marathon or are looking to lose a certain amount of weight or to just be able to walk somewhere without feeling out of breath. Goals are a great way of motivating yourself. However, it is important that you are realistic with your expectations of yourself. Set small and obtainable goals, and look at these short term achievements as the way to keep yourself motivated. If you keep worrying about the big picture and your longer-term goals, progress will seem non-existent and you will become demotivated. Keep your goals achievable and celebrate when you hit them.