The Ultimate Guide To Settling Down In The Big Smoke

Unless you are a bonafide Londoner, it can be difficult to settle in the big smoke. The capital city of England is renowned for its inhabitants' aloofness on occasion, and even though the city has over six million people living in its boundary, you could find yourself alone and isolated. Heading to London, whether this is to travel, to find a job or to try and find fame and fortune can be soul destroying if you aren’t prepared for the hustle and bustle, the noise and the expensive cost of living. Take a look at this ultimate guide to settling down in the big smoke.

Learn The Language

If English is not your first language, you might find learning a bit more of the lingo a huge help when it comes to meeting new people and conversing with them on a more meaningful level. While London itself is very cosmopolitan, the English folk living there tend to have very little language skills other than their mother tongue. By checking out the tuition on offer at an establishment like Communicate School Scuole di Inglese, you could find yourself enrolling into a class for a few hours a week just to brush up on your vocab. Understanding others and being understood can make the feeling of loneliness less pronounced and help you to immerse yourself in the London scene.


The cost of living in London can be astronomical. You would be surprised at how rents can vary across the capital city. Even some studio apartments in the swankiest boroughs like Kensington and Islington can cost the same as a five bedroom house in the north of England. Consider how you want to live. Moving to a new place means that you will need to meet new people. The easiest way to do this is to take up a house share spot. Plenty of people move to England’s capital city for an adventure. Search the classifieds and see if you can rent a room in a house full of people with a similar personality to you. If you’re the quiet, shy type, don’t lodge with a dwelling full of party animals. At the same time, if you are happy going out on the town every night, don’t upset a house full of young professionals who hit the sack by ten PM.


Because the cost of living is so high, consider getting a job immediately. While it might not be your chosen career of investment banking or advertising, a barista job can get you out of the house and meeting new people while making money and being able to enjoy the sights and culture that London has to offer. Heading out for a meal, drinks or even a jaunt to the cinema is costly, so you will need an income straight away. Heading to work every day means you will meet new people and begin to forge new friendships. While some people say you should join a club to meet new people, finding a job can be just as useful.

Living in the big smoke is an adventure. You will get homesick, you will wonder where on Earth your weekly paycheck has gone, and you will be concerned about your ad hoc living arrangements. Try not to worry and enjoy the experience of living in one of Europe’s finest capital cities.