The Ultimate Homeowners Maintenance Checklist

As homeowners, we have a lot of plates we have to keep spinning. The bills need to be paid on time, the house needs to be kept clean and tidy, we’re constantly restocking things that have run out from toiletries to cleaning products to food. So it's no wonder that some home maintenance issues can slip through the net sometimes, especially if they’re not things that need to be checked on a regular basis. However it’s well worth being on top of the following three issues, as left to get out of control can be very costly and even downright dangerous.

Plumbing and electrics

Once a year, it’s so worth the money to have experts come in and give your home a safety check of both your plumbing and your electrics. When it comes to plumbing, you might not be aware that you have an issue but things like slow leaks can gradually cause rot and will also be costing you money due to the water that’s being used. Pipes can also experience corrosion, a plumber will be able to fit you with pipeline corrosion protection to prevent this from happening. They can also insulate your pipes so they’re far less likely to freeze and burst over the colder months. For electrics, an older system can be a huge fire risk- not only could you have damaged wires but modern electronics could be loading your fuse box to a dangerous capacity. A full rewire might be necessary, but even if you have up to date electrics have them checked annually. You could save your home and your life by preventing things like electrical fires.

Boiler issuesOne of the most expensive things to go wrong in your home is the boiler. And of course, it’s essential since hot water and heating are pretty important! Again, have this serviced once a year, an engineer will be able to spot a small problem before it turns into a large one. It’s also worth investing in boiler insurance as well, that way if it does break down and is unable to be fixed, you don't have to find a massive chunk of money to replace it.


Pests are sneaky and might go unnoticed for a while, the problem is they breed rapidly and soon a small problem becomes a big (and expensive) one. Insects, spiders, rodents and birds can all be pests and cause some serious damage to your home. Pigeons can nest in the eaves of your roof, and cause corrosion which leads to leaks with their droppings. Rodents can chew cables, moths and beetles can damage fabrics and carpets and on top of this pests can cause serious health issues. If you spot any signs of pest activity- from dead insects to rodent droppings your best bet is to call in the professionals. While there are lots of products at DIY stores to deal with them, they’re notoriously difficult to get rid of since the life cycle can emerge from just a few eggs or live pests.