Things to remember when downsizing to smaller home

Is moving to a smaller home on the horizon? Perhaps you’ve split with a partner, or maybe your children have moved out and your old family home is far too large. Maybe you’re moving to a new place where the house prices are more expensive, or you might be looking to downsize to save money on your mortgage, rent or bills. Either way, there are lots of reasons you might be moving from a larger property to a smaller one, and when you do this there are a few things to bear in mind. Here are three to consider.

What will you keep?

If your new property is dramatically smaller than the one you’ll be moving into, then chances are you wont be able to bring with you everything you own. This is actually a good opportunity to de-clutter, and get rid of things you’ve been hanging onto but don’t use that often. Reduce the amount of clothes, books, furniture and other items you have choosing only your favourites to bring to the new place. The rest, you could bin if it’s no good, pass on to friends or donate to charity. If you have items that you don't have space for but don't want to throw away, perhaps because you might move into a bigger place again one day, one option is to use self storage. Find storage units close to you and compare prices, that way if you do move again later down the line you still have the things you need without having to buy it all new again.

Making the space work

When you move from a larger home to a smaller one, it can be a bit strange having far less living space. The best way to get around it is to find a layout that works for you. If you’re buying new furniture, choose smaller pieces or those that fit the space correctly. If you’re using furniture from the previous space, you could use a 3d room planner to arrange everything in the best possible way. Consider multi functional pieces such as beds or ottomans with storage includes. And consider wall shelves and other smart storage to allow you to organise everything properly and free up as much space as possible. You could get smart with nooks and crannies, create a mini office from a cupboard or a pantry from a few shelves. When you’re going smaller it’s an opportunity to get smart.

Look for inspiration

Lots of people live in small, even ludicrously tiny homes. However they’ve made it work for them, watching Youtube videos and vlogs of people who live in very small properties can give you ideas and inspire you. Even if you don’t really want to downsize, this might well get you excited about doing so! In life we have to adapt and make things work as we go, if you’ve been presented with the challenge of living in a smaller home then step up and make the most of it!