Tips on starting a wellness blog

If you are thinking of starting up a blog centred around wellness, you are not alone. These are cropping up everywhere recently, and they are becoming a very popular part of the web indeed. That bodes well, of course, especially if you hope to monetise your blog and start to live off of it. But before you get started, you will need to make sure that you know what kind of things make for a good wellness blog. The more aware of this you are, the more likely it is that you will be able to create the perfect blog, and that is certainly what you are going for here. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things you will want to consider for the perfect wellness blog.

A User-Friendly Experience

First of all, let’s look at the actual blog itself and make sure that you are developing a website which is going to be as user-friendly as possible. If you fail on this front, it doesn’t really matter how good the content itself is, because you will still find that your visitors are struggling to even find it, and certainly struggling to get around your blog. There are a lot of ways to approach this issue of user-friendliness, but most of all you should think about trying to make it make as much logical sense as you possibly can.

One good way to do that is to focus on the site navigation. You want to know that it is all worked out as it should be and that visitors will be able to find the content they need easily enough. That will be a major part of ensuring the blog is easy to visit and to use. Beyond that, it’s a good idea to make sure that you list your blog posts in an order which makes sense - which does not always mean that you need to list them by date or even thematically. To find out what is likely to be best for your circumstances, you should use a process known as card sorting, which will reveal what kind of logical sorting process your posts and other content should undertake. Because card sorting uses actual human data, you will find that this is a very effective means of making your site much more user-friendly in a genuine way.

Finally, make sure that the site is easy on the eyes. Research has shown that people are much less likely to click on to further pages of a website that they don’t like the look of. This especially means avoiding horribly bright colours or anything else that is likely to be unnecessarily unattractive. If you can do all this, your blog will be much more user-friendly, and that is a very good starting position for any blog.

Informative Content

Because you are to be offering people life advice surrounding the topic of health and wellness, you need to make sure that the information you are proffering is decent, and that it is likely to be appreciated and useful in some manner. In order to make sure of that, you need to of course first know your stuff. That means that you can’t fake it, nor should you try to: apart from the fact that most of your readers will be intelligent to know that you are doing so, because of the kind of advice you are offering, you could end up causing someone some actual damage further down the line. It is important that you are aware of your responsibility here, and that you provide information that you know you actually have the appropriate knowledge for.

You should also aim to write on a number of topics within the umbrella of wellness. That will provider variety for your readers, but also for yourself: you will find that there is only so much you can write about one specific topic, and once it is done, it’s done. You don’t want to start regurgitating information from past posts for the sake of clicks, and you certainly don’t want to fill out your blog with non-relevant posts. So make sure that you think of a number of main topics that you are going to focus on - and tag them so that people can find what matters to them most easily of all.

Appropriate Voice

The tone that you write with for a wellness blog needs to be of a certain kind if people are to appreciate some of the stuff you will be telling them. After all, if you are patronising or lordly or you otherwise speak down to people about their health, they are only going to revolt against your advice anyway - and besides, it’s no way to gain readers. It’s therefore vital that you spend time working on your voice, and the only way to do that is to get writing. Start writing articles, without thinking about whether or not they will ever make it to the blog itself. By merely practising in this way, you can hope to get to the point where you have the kind of authoritative and kind voice that people really respond to. That will all be tied up with the branding that you have developed for the blog too, and you should find that this is a powerful way to really make your blog much more popular indeed.

Guest Posts From Experts

From time to time, it is valuable to get a guest post commissioned for your blog, ideally from someone who has a lot of professional experience in the world of wellness in some way or another. You might be doing a series on yoga, for example, and you want a guest post - so you’ll seek out a great yoga instructor to write a guest post for the blog. That will help them to grow their own business, and it will provide further authority to your own - all while helping your readers in exactly the way that they are hoping for when they come to your blog.