Top Office Security Tips

Whilst a lot of crime has now gone digital, there are still burglars out there that will try to steal from your business the old-fashioned way. Here are some essentials that every office needs to stay secure.

Secure your windows and doors

Windows and doors are the most likely entry points for a thief. There are many ways in which you can make these more secure. First you should consider the material – using reinforced glass for windows and steel for doors will prevent them being broken into. Secondly, you may want to consider alarms and locking systems – installing a burglar alarm and window locks could help to further deter thieves. Visibility may also be an important factor in busy areas as you don’t want thieves being able to snoop in through a window or door. You could solve this by using tinted or frosted glass. There are also devices such as these Barry Bros door entry systems that allow you to see who is outside on a camera to help limit access. Of course, you don’t need to invest in all of these security features, but the more you do include the better.

Add exterior lighting

Burglars are most likely to break into your business premises at night when it’s easier to move undetected. Exterior lighting can help to keep your office illuminated from the outside so that it’s harder for burglars to sneak about without getting seen. Motion sensing lighting is the best option as it will use less energy, only turning on when movement is detected. Try to install this lighting around every entry point that you can.

Lock sensitive information in a safe

You may have documents that you don’t want seen or touched by anyone - not even your staff. It could be worth locking this information away in a safe. A safe should always be secured to a wall or floor so that no burglar can carry it away (fastening it under a desk is no use, unless the desk itself is attached to the floor). Safes such as this Phoenix Neso biometric model can only be opened with fingertip recognition. There are also safes that can only be opened with your smart phone or via facial recognition.

Install CCTV

CCTV will help to capture footage of any criminals attempting to break in. In most cases, it’s enough of a deterrent itself that you shouldn’t ever have to need this footage – it’s for this reason many companies buy dummy CCTV cameras simply for the effect. You can places security cameras outside and inside your property – those inside could help to catch suspicious activity amongst clients and employees who could be just as much of a threat to your business. Most people hire out security cameras so that the footage is stored elsewhere.