Warning Signs For A Terrible Job

A terrible job is not really that hard to come by, surely we can all admit that? A terrible job is one that makes us feel as though we would rather jump off a cliff than be there. One that makes us fall to sleep in the afternoon. And one that makes us hate the thought of the retirement age being so old! But most of all, the warning signs of a terrible job come before you even get to the interview, during the interview, and during the first week or so of your career. But we ignore them, we try to work through them, and a few years down the line, we’re wondering why we’re hating our lives! So, we’re here to try and show you a few warning signs of a terrible job. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll either be spurred on during the process of finding a new job, and know what to look out for with any new jobs you try to go for!

Your Experience During Hiring

This should be the first time you stop and think to yourself, is this the job for me. If you ever have those thoughts during the hiring process, then turn right around and head for the door. So many companies are terrible at organisation, sticking to time keeping, and getting you on their payroll. Candidate experience should be everything to the company you’re about to start working for, and if you feel your candidate experience was terrible, then you really shouldn’t go for the job. If you were going for it perhaps for money, it’s important to remember that your experience within the company is going to be worth more to you than money, so finding a company that pays the same and treats you better is going to do more for you, even if it takes you longer to find such a job!

Your Experience In The First Week

So, you’ve made it past the hiring process, but that might be because they put on a bit of a show for you during that initial period. Every company does it, after all, they’re desperate to take someone on to fill a gap! In the first week you might also notice that they’re extra nice, but towards the end it will wear off. Even if it doesn’t with you, you’ll pick up little things with how they are with their other employees! If you do feel any change in their behaviour towards you, you still have time to decide whether it would be worth dropping out whilst you’re still fresh!


If you don’t look at the reviews before you even apply for a new job, then you’re risking a lot of things. Reviews on the internet about the company you’re going to work for are usually real and honest. If people have had a bad experience and left, they won’t mind commenting on that! If there seems like there are too many nice reviews, you might want to be a little bit suspicious as to whether they’ve asked current employees to write them down!