Ways to reduce work related stress

Stress is deemed to be a ‘hazard of the workplace’ and is estimated to cost millions of pounds a year in sick days and healthcare. There are no industries where it is worse than others. It is an across the board problem with 65% of employees saying they feel stressed when they are at work.

There are two types of stress, eustress and bad stress. Eustress is what motivates you to complete a task on time, for instance, but when the eustress builds up too much it can then become bad stress and create anxiety and depression. There are things you can do to your lifestyle to make sure that you can cope with work stress in a better fashion. Get Enough SleepNo matter what you are doing in life, a lack of sleep is a recipe for disaster. A healthy adult needs 7-8 hours sleep every night or life itself will become hard to cope with, let alone the extra pressures from work. A lack of slumber will create anxiety and depression, so make sure you get enough each night. Consider Working From Home The technology that has given us cloud computing and virtual meetings has made the possibility of working from home more viable than ever. There are many employees enjoying the benefits of remote working, which means they do not have the hassle of the daily commute to start their day off. You can access all the files you need to with whatever software is required. If you need to work a few extra hours that is much easier from home. For employees, it can mean they get more work done because of none of the interruptions or distractions of working with other people. For employers, it means they could downsize their office space if they have several people working remotely, and this can help towards making the business more profitable. There are advantages for everyone involved and working from home is an avenue you should explore. Form Working Relationships If you form working relationships with some of the other employees it can be a huge help if you hit a problem. Sometimes all it needs is to be able to talk over the problem with someone else, for it suddenly not to seem quite so bad, Speaking your thoughts out loud sometimes brings the solution to your mind, which while you sat worrying about it on your own was just not happening. These relationships encourage working as a team, and from your bosses point of view, a team achieves better production levels. From your point of view, when a problem is beaten you will feel a sense of achievement rather than one of anxiety. Wouldn’t that be nice? Exercise Regular exercise is a must for your mental well being. It does not have to be trips to the gym or running marathons. A walk in your lunch hour will make your mind more alert and ready for the afternoon’s work. Exercise of all types makes your body produce endorphins, which send feel-good messages to the brain. Any stress will be better coped with if you are feeling good in yourself. So next time you have to go to the next floor up, use the stairs instead of the lift, and when you are out shopping find the space furthest away from the supermarket, not the nearest. Stress is something that you can learn to cope with, but for different people, it has to be done in different ways. You have to find the way that suits you the best.