When a School is More Than Just a School

Education has a lot to do with your choice of school than with your intellectual ability. And, yes, most schools run on almost the same curriculum, programs and activities. But parents should still find the one that will bring out the best in their child.

Typically, many parents inquire from friends, family and even workmates for their recommendations. However, it is advisable that you still follow that with thorough research to determine the very best of secondary and primary schools in Manila.

Teacher-student Ratio

The Philippines Department of Education says that schools have a recommended teacher-student ratio to which they should adhere. Higher denominators will adversely affect the attention every student should get. Lower denominators, on the other hand, mean there are underutilized teaching resources. A school that has a smart balance of these two is what you should be looking for, which may require checking whether the institution has a structured students' enrolment program.


Most institutions that offer the UK curriculum or academic program are international schools. Most of these schools will have students of different nationalities and varying cultural and financial backgrounds. Enrolling your child to such a school will be a plus as it will ensure they learn early in life how best to relate with people from other cultures. Such a setting can also instil in your child interests in learning foreign languages, exploring different customs and cultures, and involve themselves in extra-curricular activities.


Many of these international schools offer programs that are different from public and local private schools. Check the history of the school's performance over the years. It is only from that that you can evaluate the performance trend in which the institution is taking. This information is crucial in helping you determine whether that school's rating is worth the price you are paying them. Consistent rating of excellence can be an additional attraction for you.

Teaching Methods

Teaching methods vary, but the quality of teaching will always reveal itself in the students' GCSE and O level results. Also, if the school invests in teacher training, that's a clear indication of their commitment to ensuring students do enjoy high-quality teaching. Some of these schools offer IB programmes. These combine personal and academic activities and achievements. These special programmes could cost a lot, but some schools offer scholarships that could lower school fees.

International schools in Manila often have a school campus that has all the equipment and tools any school requires, but they also have swimming pools, gyms and outdoor areas.

Many international schools offer the kind of international education you want for a child. They will have the chance to study at a university overseas; they will expand their social circles, and they will learn more than one language. All of these are possible in an international school, but know that most of them have high academic standards and often require costly fees. Do some research on their fees and check if your finances can make it possible for your child to attend these prestigious schools.