Where To Start When Renovating A House


Whether you are looking for a challenge and want to make a bit of money by flipping a property or you are simply looking for a home, taking a run down property and transforming it is never easy. However, it is a good way to get exactly what you want on a tight budget.

The key to transforming a ‘doer-upper’ is knowing exactly where your money will be best spent. This means prioritising the things that will increase the value of the property first and then moving on to do other things. Even if you aren’t planning to sell, focusing on increasing the value will also ensure that you end up with a brilliant place to live.

So where should you start?

Make it Watertight

The first thing to do with any house is ensure that it is watertight. This is really important because water can cause a lot of damage and even the smallest leak can be a problem. Start by inspecting the roof from the ground (never go on a roof you are concerned about!) and see whether there are any gaps in the shingles or obvious holes. A new roof might be quite an investment but it is well worth the money!

You should also check all the windows and doors. You don’t want any gaps in the frames and you certainly need to repair any broken glass as a matter of urgency. A company like https://www.glassrepairsperth.com.au/ will be able to come and fix any issues for you by replacing like for like.

Add Insulation and Shading

Insulation is the best possible way to reduce the cost of running a house as it helps to keep the indoor environment temperate. Adding insulation correctly is vital if you want to reduce the amount of vapour buildup within your walls as well as ensure that your insulation works properly! This isn't about cramming as much material in as possible, it’s about working smartly with the resource you choose.

Shading is also a useful way to regulate the temperature of your house. Adding a pergola can make a surprising feature for the garden as well as cooling the temperature of your house. Use it as a frame for growing climbing plants like wisteria which will add a beautiful perfume as well.

Paint and Flooring

There are lots of other building options for increasing the value of a property but once the original building is fit, you will probably just want to move in. If this is the case, the walls and floors will be your next move. If not, make sure you get all the building work out of the way before you reach this point!

Putting down some simple wooden or floors is a quick and effective way to lift any property. Unlike carpet, hard floors are easy to clean and gather much less dust. Slap a bit of white paint around the walls and you are good to start decorating in earnest!