Which Strand Should You Take in Senior High School?

Despite challenges posed by the recent coronavirus pandemic, the educational system continues to thrive, although the Department of Education expects lessened enrollments as people adjust to the new normal. That is where an online school for senior high comes in handy, and there are various options accessible to incoming students. The question that may remain in a student's mind would be, with a crisis or not, "which strand is right for me?"

This question can feel like a tough decision for a lot of young teens because it can dictate the path that comes next, whether it's by equipping yourself to work in a vocational career, continuing to higher education, or pursuing sports and the arts. Surveys have shown that the academic track is the most popular choice among SHS students, so you may want to know which strand works best for your interests and goals.

Here is a quick breakdown of each strand to help you make an informed choice.

  • Accountancy, Business, and Management

ABM is an excellent choice for those who are interested in pursuing careers that are geared towards marketing, entrepreneurship, and finances. Students taking this strand should expect lessons that are geared toward leadership roles and in-depth skills related to business management and more complex mathematical operations. Even though you'll still get general classes on writing and culture, most fundamentals will be organizational and touch upon information technology.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences

HUMMS is for those who have an interest in philosophy, psychology, critical thinking, and communication. If you're prepping for a degree in liberal arts and courses in that realm, this option is the strand that will likely equip you the best. Classes for this strand are often composed of social structures, culture, and differences between viewpoints and ideals within groups.

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

STEM is for those who are keen on analysis and research. It's for those who want to learn about computer engineering or sciences and more intensive information technology learnings. Students can also expect deeper levels of science with physics, chemistry, biology, and intricate mathematical lessons covering calculus and the like.

  • General Academic Strand

GAS usually has the most units among all of the strands, so some may feel like that makes it more challenging to finish. It's a good option, however, for students who aren't entirely settled with the course they want to pursue or aren't sure what strand they are interested in or feel most attuned to. While this doesn't precisely gear you toward a specialty, it can provide a well-rounded education with electives from all other strands.

While these cover the practical lessons that you can expect from each strand, finding the one to take depends on what you feel passionate about or interested in. If you are still uncertain and you don't know what you feel the most strongly about, you can base your choice on what strengths and interests you have so that you can prepare yourself for whatever next steps you want to take in life.