Work-Life Imbalance: Ensuring A Happy House Share

It appears to be a part of the working life that we can all identify with. Whether we are bound by more deadlines than normal or we feel we've got to make a big impression in a new job, we can spend more time in the office than at home. And while the whole notion of work-life balance comes up when you have a home life with a family, and therefore a reason to be at home, when you are a young professional, and you are living with other young professionals, what happens when you are unable to keep up your end of the bargain? We know that living with other people in a house share is very difficult at times. When you're all professionals, what can you do to ensure that your home life's a happy one when you finally do go home?

Navigating The Never-ending Rotas

One of the most frustrating parts of sharing with other people is having to clean up after their mess (or them cleaning up after yours). If you have to spend a long time working, and you seldom go home, you still got to hold up your end of the bargain as far as house upkeep is concerned. The one benefit if you are all professionals, and you all earn a decent wage, is that you could hire someone to clean the property. There are numerous carpet cleaning services, general day-to-day cleaners, and those that can do duties you have no time to complete. Because, let's face it, if you can't come to an agreement as far as cleaning rotas are concerned, then surely every single one of you paying a little bit of money in helps sidestep pointless arguments.

Arranging A Social Night

As professionals, it can be easy for you to stay married to your jobs. But, you can use this as an excuse to not go home on occasion. It's a very difficult one; because you live with other people, and you may not necessarily get on with them 100%, but if you are all too different to get along properly, then finding common ground and spending time together can make it easier. Sometimes we move in with people because we don't have many options, and as such, you've got to find some ways to get along. Having a social life together, even if this just means pizza and TV at home, you can, at the very least, ensure you're all able to cohabit successfully. The big problem if there is a bunch of people living together, but one works silly hours, is that the busier one can feel left out of important decisions. It's the responsibility of the other people in the house to make sure that person doesn't feel left out.

In a house share situation, you can feel that you are living in your bedroom, and rarely using the rest of the house. But if you are working silly hours, and you still want an effective home life, it's one of those difficult scenarios that can take some time to even out. Compromise is essential in a house share situation and if you're all young professionals doing adult jobs, maybe it's time to start acting like adults!